Foodborne illness

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Food borne illness is the acute state associated with the recent consumption of contaminated food. The food which involves is usually contaminated with some or one disease pathogen or toxicant. Food which contains enough pathogens or toxicant are needed to make a person sick Food borne infections are caused by the entrance of pathogenic microorganisms contaminating food into the body, and the reaction of the body tissues to their presence. These can either be fungal, bacterial, viral or parasitic Infection occurs by ingestion of campylobacter organisms in contaminated foodstuffs. Foods involved include meat from infected animals, unpasteurized milk and possibly cross-contamination from these sources to foods eaten uncooked or unrefrigerated. Among the meats, poultry constitutes the greatest potential source of infection to humans. 

  • Outbreak Surveillance
  • Outbreak Investigations
  • Control measures
  • Features of food borne diseases
  • Types of food borne diseases

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