Maternal nutrition

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Pregnancy cause major changes in women’s health since their body undergoes the fetus growing and hence one needs lot of nutrients to overcome the changes and to tackle the changes, Pregnancy is also referred as the psychological stress to women’s health. In mothers body some changes will take place and that can be tolerate with the additional nutrients than the normal people. Good health of mother and the child can be achieved only with the help of essential nutrients which helps in reducing the complications in delivery. Lack of nutrients during pregnancy causes congenital defects and leads to death of the baby. Nutrients needed are very large to develop the strength of organs such as uterus, placenta and breast.  The protein content required during pregnancy helps in the growth of placenta and also in fetus. Protein rich body of mother results in the increases maternal blood volume and it also helps in lactation. Breast feeding is another major thing required after pregnancy. For this a mother need to be given with lots of nutrition to keep lactated

  • Nutrition before,after and during pregnancy
  • Maternal energy and weight
  • Breastfeeding
  • Food security
  • Nutrition issues
  • Lifestyle

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