Pediatric Nutrition

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Paediatric nutrition is defined as the nutrition which is essential for the growth of children from one stage to another stage of their life. Usually a healthy children will grow up normally only with the help of proper nutrient intake. To maintain a well-balanced diet one should need a paediatric nutritionist. Every age group has different ratio of nutrient intake which are essential to grow. Infant’s period is the one which needs large amount of protein content since it is the age group to grow both by weight and height. The ratio of energy needed for metabolic maintenance, growth, activity varies and in accordance ne should assist with perfect nutrients. Adolescence is the next stage in which one needs larger amount of nutrients since many hormonal changes are occurs at that period. Obesity and underweight are the two problems which occur due to lack of nutritional knowledge. 

  • Clinical Evaluation and anthropometry
  • Nutritional needs
  • Nutrient intake values
  • Energy requirements of Infant and child
  • Early Nutrition
  • Long term health

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