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Malnutrition is defined as the lack of energy and nutrient imbalance in individuals. Malnutrition is nowadays a major issue in all over the world. According to the recent statistics lack of nutrients results in the death of many individuals every day. Malnutrition affects the children who are living below poverty line since they lack to have the nutrients which are essential for the body. Underweight and overweight are the two classes which affects the children in large extent. According to the study 463 million adults all over the world are underweight i.e., Low weight to body height and nearly 1.9 billion children are overweight (obese) which also leads to lot of health issues. Overweight mainly affects pregnancy and also it affects the women’s health in large extent.

Inability in gaining weight from underweight and lack of losing weight from over weight is referred as malnutrition. Malnutrition can also be found be calculating the BMC value which should between18-25. Malnutrition treatment can be done at home and also by some other chemical supplements. By healthy and balanced diet malnutrition can be prevented. This section deals with the estimation of death rate due to malnutrition and prevention measures and also deals with the solution to malnutrition.

  • Child Malnutrition
  • Maternal Malnutrition
  • Malnutrition Burden estimation
  • Immediate and underlying causes
  • Solution to malnutrition
  • Death rate and estimation

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