Paleolithic diets

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This is one of the major topics which needs to be covered in this era since most of the humans are nowadays shifted in to modern diet. Due to decrease in the healthy body or due to obesity one is undergoing this modern diet to be healthy. This diet includes the intake of natural foods like organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds etc. Since due to the lack of food quality in modern days and also due to the lack of farming and agriculture modern foods and fast foods affected once health in larger extent. Processed foods are the major reason nowadays which induces the reduction in the healthy individual. Paleolithic diet is due to the intake of processed food intake and also in this diet intake of processed food, high sugar and salt content food will be reduced and results in maintaining a healthy individual

  • Diet precautions
  • Importance of diet
  • Pros and cons
  • Side effects
  • Safety measures

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